Drinkable Air Water


Gathering humidity from the atmosphere is the most reliable and secure source of drinking water on the planet. Our atmosphere holds 3 quadrillion gallons of distilled water according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It is an untapped and virtually unlimited source of pure, fresh drinking water. Drinkable AirTMís CHAMELEON holds the key to unlocking that valuable resource!

The uniqueness of the Chameleon is that it performs five separate functions during the water generating process:

  • 1. It provides 99.99% pure cool water.
  • 2. It acts a dehumidifier, which creates a more comfortable environment which will enable HVAC units to operate more efficiently thereby reducing HVAC use and costs.
  • 3. The Chameleonís electrostatic filter will clean and purify the air we breathe.
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  • 4. The Chameleonís ozone purification process adds 70 PPM (parts per million) of oxygen to the water, delivering 99.99% pure, oxygen enriched water, the best tasting, healthiest water on the planet. Our competitors only add approximately 30 PPM of oxygen to their water.
  • 5. The Commercial Chameleon AC models deliver from 3 tons up to 300 tons of nominal cooling capacity while generating drinking water.


  • Chameleonís produce great tasting, 99.99% pure drinking water.
  • The Chameleon produces over 30% more water than our competitors first generation machines.
  • The Chameleon is built with 50% fewer parts and 30% fewer connections then our competitors first generation machines for leak free reliability and longevity.
  • Drinkable Air has Worldwide Patent Protection on the EnviroGuard purification system and technology.
  • The Chameleon can be powered with alternative sources of electricity including generators, solar power and wind turbines.
  • Adjustable cold water temperature.
  • Automatic shutdown & alarm systems detect any possible water leaks.
  • Easy to read LCD function display.
  • 1/4 turn filter cartridges for easy filter replacement.
  • Easy access control panel.
  • The Chameleon is the only Air-Conditioning AWG.
  • Drinkable AirTM has Chameleon models that come in many sizes. You can be assured that we have a model to fit your needs. Whether you need to provide water to a Household, Office, Hotel, Restaurant, RV, Boat, Cabin, Resort, Hospital, Food Preparation area, Construction site, Mining operation, Offshore Drilling Platform, Marina, Bottled Water Plant, Agriculture, Livestock or the Military, we have a Chameleon that will do the job.
  • Chameleonís can be arranged in multiples to produce thousands of gallons of water per day.
  • Commercial Chameleonís are able to Air-Condition large buildings and supply potable water the same time.
  • Chameleonís can provide clean drinking water in disaster zones and during humanitarian crisis situations. Large Mobile Units can be driven in or Air lifted to remote locations.
  • Water generated by Drinkable Airís Chameleon is the best tasting water you will ever drink.


  • The Chameleon produces fresh clean drinking water in Any Location, from your own home or office to a remote village in West Africa
  • Drinkable AirTMís patented purification process Eliminates all bacteria, microorganisms & viruses
  • Feel Secure that you can now trust your own water to be safe to drink
  • The Chameleonís 100% Oxygenated, 99.99% pure, fresh, clean water, enhances consumer hydration levels
  • The Chameleon is inexpensive to operate, easy to maintain and built to have a long commercial operating life
  • Realize immediate savings. The Chameleon costs less to operate, vs. purchasing bottled water, with low startup and maintenance costs; you get the best tasting and healthiest water on the planet for just pennies per gallon
  • The Chameleon has a Built In Electrostatic Air-Filtration System to purify the air in serviced areas.
  • Chameleonís dehumidify the air making it more comfortable at warmer temperatures resulting in lower air conditioning costs while reducing the likelihood of Dry-Rot, Mold or Mildew developing in dehumidified areas.
  • The Chameleon provides a reliable, safe, and pure water supply wherever it is used
  • The Chameleon eliminates the threat of contaminants and pharmaceuticals found in ground water by starting with pure distilled water from the atmosphere
  • Having a Chameleon
    • Frees up valuable floor space used to store cases of water bottles or rows of 5 gallon water bottles
    • Eliminates slip and fall insurance claims due to water spillage
    • Eliminates workers comp claims for businesses (OSHA weight limits for lifting are violated when employees lift a 42 pound, 5 gallon bottle of water without having an approved back brace available)
  • The Chameleon is an Environmentally Friendly GREEN technology!

Contact: info@drinkable-air.com for further information.

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